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February 2019 – Civil War Events 2019

Reenactors prepare for fourth annual Battle of Blackjack Grove The fourth annual Battle of Blackjack Grove Civil War Weekend is set for Friday, Saturday and Feb. 17 in Groveton. The highlight of the weekend will be a reenactment of a battle that never happened. Say what? Well, it’s more of an “ENnactment” because there was no Civil War battle anywhere SCHEDULE - 2-4 Fort Washita OK… Battle of Middle Boggy (New event site) 1 st Ark Battalion host . 16-18 Liendo, Hempstead, TX . Dec. Nov 30 (Friday) 1-2 Prairie Grove, AR Battalion event Additional events announced at the January Battalion meeting will be promulgated by email and Face Book.

February 2019 – Civil War Events 2019

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Battle of Black Jack Grove, Groveton, TX, United States. Fri Feb 16 2018 at 08:00 am, More details will be posted on website as event draws nearer. http://www ...

Battle of Black Jack - Wikipedia Battle of Black Jack. The Battle of Black Jack took place on June 2, 1856, when anti- slavery forces, led by the noted abolitionist John Brown, attacked the encampment of Henry C. Pate near Baldwin City, Kansas. The battle is cited as one incident of " Bleeding Kansas " and a contributing factor leading up to the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865. Battle of Blackjack Grove – 104.3 Joy FM Friday is dedicated to School Day. Students from area counties will be invited to visit the event. Groveton Civil War Weekend Battle of Blackjack Grove reenactors will hold demonstrations on weapons, clothing, food preparation and camp living. Students will especially enjoy participating in the mid-day skirmish. 2019 Groveton Civil War Weekend Battle of Blackjack Grove

12 th Texas Infantry Company “A’ 2018 Schedule. . TMVI supported events. Jan. 6 10 A.M. Battalion Meeting, Jefferson, TX . Feb . 16-18 The Battle of Blackjack Grove, Groveton, TX (host Dyson Nickle)

Feb 16, 2018 · Groveton First Baptist Church, 126 N Devine St, Groveton, Texas 75845, Groveton, United States Photos: The Battle of Blackjack Grove - Texas Forest History comes alive! Take a look back in time as Photographer Dylan Richardson captured the reenactment of The Battle of Blackjack Grove in Groveton on Saturday, Feb. 18. For more information on The Battle of Blackjack Grove, visit their website here.

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“Here, in the dread tribunal of last resort, valor contended against valor. Here brave men struggled and died for the right as God gave them to see the right ... Battle of Black Jack Grove at Groveton, TX, Groveton